Meet the team

Passionate people on a mission

Adam leads on larger projects, and delivers declarative solutions for our clients via support and one-off projects. As our lead on all things Business Development, Adam works to match our expertise with our client's needs.

Adam Pahal

CRM Consultant & Director of Business Development

Mungo manages smaller projects, and supports the build and design of solutions for our clients via our support service and one-off projects. A whizz with numbers, he also leads on cooperative Finance.

Mungo Beaumont

CRM Consultant & Director of Finance

Desa leads on medium sized projects, and delivers declarative and code-based solutions for our clients. She also leads on cooperative communications and marketing to help us engage with, and provide impact to the for-good sector.

Desa Markovic

CRM Consultant & Director of Marketing & Communications

Becky leads on large one-off projects, and supports the delivery of declarative solutions. Also our Resourcing and Project Delivery lead, she works to make sure we deliver effective, one-off projects for all our clients.

Becky Jones

CRM Consultant & Director of Project Delivery and Resourcing

Matt manages smaller projects, and builds and designs solutions for our clients. He also manages our Support service to ensure we deliver consistent and impactful support to all our clients.

Matt Port

CRM Consultant & Director of Support

Ant manages large projects, and delivers both declarative and code-based solutions for our clients. He helps to develop the technical expertise of our wider-team, and leads on building out-of-the box solutions for common client problems.

Anthony Mealand

CRM Consultant & Director of Systems Development

Sharmin leads on large projects, and delivers solutions to our clients via our support service and one-off projects. She also leads on HR, Wellbeing and Compliance to ensure the cooperative and our members are given everything they need to thrive.

Sharmin Nahar

CRM Consultant & Director of Wellbeing, HR & Compliance

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