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The Movement Centre

Organisation's Mission

The Movement Centre work with children who have a disability, such as cerebral palsy, which affects their movement control. They do this by providing a specialist evidence-based therapy, called Targeted Training. Through delivering this therapy they are working towards a situation where all children who have a disability affecting their movement control are able to reach their full potential.

The Challenge 

The Movement Centre were already using Salesforce to store contacts and manage fundraising. However, much of the clinical data they collected was being stored in a separate Access database. This format meant that accessing and analysing the data was challenging and time-consuming. Moreover, because information about funding lived in Salesforce there was no easy way of linking details about how an intervention was funded with its clinical outcomes.

Our Solution

We worked closely with The Movement Centre to understand how they collected clinical data as well as some of the nuances the system would need to handle (such as a child repeating a course of therapy). We then set about customising The Movement Centre’s Salesforce system so that all of this information could be recorded, linking it up with the existing sections of the system such as fundraising. Finally, we delivered training for staff on how to use the new system.

Each young person that The Movement Centre works with has a detailed record showing all of the therapy courses they have received

Data from all children is aggregated in dashboards to show the average rate of improvement across the different indicators The Movement Centre use

The Impact

  • Questions about the impact of the programme at both a child and organisation-wide level can now be answered in a single system

  • The Movement Centre can see information about the impact of a course of therapy alongside data on who funded the intervention

  • The Movement Centre can track the source of all referrals to help understand the channels that work for them in reaching the right people

Impact Box took the time to listen to our needs and gain an understanding of how we work. This enabled them to suggest solutions that we didn't even know were possible to achieve through a database! The result is a bespoke platform that enables us to be more efficient and monitor our impact. 

Victoria Handbury-Madin, CEO, The Movement Centre

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