Six Salesforce Summer '22 Release features charities will love

by Anthony Mealand


It’s finally here - the Salesforce Summer '22 Release officially landed on June 11th! Salesforce has three major upgrades each year, and each release is packed with new features and enhancements. This summer’s release is no different, and with over 600 pages in the release notes, we thought we’d highlight just a few of our favourite new features.

Multi-Factor Authentication

Multi-Factor Authentication or MFA enhances the security of your Salesforce by requiring Users to verify their identity with a password and an additional method of authentication, usually with an additional device (mobile phone). MFA is now a contractual requirement of using Salesforce and, although this is not strictly enforced at the moment, this will soon be the case - check out the MFA Enforcement Roadmap for more details.

Salesforce have helpfully put together some FAQs covering the most common questions they get about the switch. Because MFA can mean a bit of a change to the way your users are used to working, we recommend that everyone look into what they’ll need to do to enable this feature as soon as you can to make sure you stay ahead of any incoming changes!

Dynamic related lists

You can now filter the related lists shown on record pages throughout Salesforce. For example, on an organisation’s Account page, you could show Open and Closed Opportunities in different lists in a different section of the page. This allows you to highlight the most relevant data in any given context, reducing clutter on your pages and enabling Users to get the information they need quickly.

A screenshot of dynamic related lists in use on an Account record. Show's a list of Closed Won opportunities.

This is a great feature to use in instances where records of the same object are used in different ways. For instance, if you use Accounts to record the details of schools you work with and all the different people involved in them, you might choose to show separate lists of Contacts for students and teachers.

Analytics Home

Instead of having separate tabs for reports and dashboards, you now have the option of seeing all of this information in one place, making working with Dashboards and Reports in tandem much easier. This feature requires activation - to enable it you’ll simply need to find Reports and Dashboards settings in Setup, and select Enable the Unified Experience for Analytics Home

Enhanced Report builder

Choosing the right report type is both one of the most important steps in building any report and also one of the trickier aspects of reporting in Salesforce to get right, especially in systems where report type naming conventions aren’t consistent. The new enhanced report builder aims to remove any guesswork from this process by highlighting reports built with selected report types and allowing you to filter from the list by the object contained in the report type.


This is a great one for teams working in the field, where access to the internet isn’t always a guarantee! The Briefcase feature enables users to access their data offline - you can now add up to 50,000 records to a Briefcase to work with, whether you have Internet access or not. You can also now set up Briefcase rules that are personalised to an individual User Id. This means if you are out running a programme in a location without internet access, you can still use Salesforce to store and access sensitive, programme vital information like dietary requirements and emergency contacts information.

Flow testing

Ever made one change to a flow and created a whole slew of unexpected unhandled errors? Flow testing brings flows ever closer to Apex functionally without needing to write a single line of code, helping to make your flow development speedier, safer and more robust. You can now build a suite of tests for your Flow so that every time you make amendments you can ensure that key outcomes still execute as expected. By setting entry criteria along with success/failure criteria, you can quickly execute several use cases for a Flow at once.

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