We are working on an exciting new product for charities and would love your help

by Desa Markovic


Today I wanted to share some news that I'm incredibly excited about and make an ask of colleagues in the charity sector who could be a real help.

At Impact Box, we’re in the early stages of building a product for the sector that we think has real potential. It’s a platform that makes it quick and easy to create engaging digital spaces for doing good.

Our ultimate goal is to allow charities to quickly create branded applications for engaging volunteers or supporting beneficiaries, without the need to invest vast amounts of cash in a custom build.

It’s a bit like what Wix or Squarespace offer in the website arena, but focussed instead on the kind of modern interactive apps users increasingly expect. And with features tailored to what charities need - sharing content and resources, promoting collaboration, managing events and other activities - with much more to come over time.

We’ve been working on this internally for a couple of months and already have an iteration up and running with some initial features.

What we’d really like is to get some wider input before we decide on additional features and look to move into a pilot phase. So if you are interested in giving up 45 minutes for a hands-on first-look please do get in touch and I'll get back to you right way.

We'd be incredibly grateful, and it would also be a chance for you to help drive the roadmap for the product or sign-up your organisation early for the pilot.

We also appreciate that many people reading this might think it sounds intriguing but that you’ll want to see how it develops before working out if it’s relevant to you. We'll definitely be sharing more details over the next couple of months. If you sign-up to our newsletter you’ll get all of the updates as it progresses.

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