A new look for Impact Box

by Anthony Mealand


In a small organisation lots of things can feel like a luxury. When I started Impact Box nearly four years ago I devoted half an evening to pulling together a logo and colour palette for our website. It wasn't particularly pretty but it did the job. As things progressed, reviewing our branding sat proudly on the list of things that I'd really like to do when I had some spare time. This put it in the same category as me learning to play the piano.

Today we're launching our new website complete with fresh branding. I think it looks fantastic and is a massive step forward for us. Above all, it gives a much clearer sense of who we are, what we do and why we do it. The previous site was aspirational - a manifesto for what I hoped Impact Box might be. Four years later we're in a very different place. There are now seven of us for a start, and we've delivered over a hundred projects across fifty organisations. The best way to explain what we do now is to point to our track record. That's why we've put real examples of our work front and centre of the new site.

The most surprising thing for me about doing this has been that the process itself has been incredibly valuable. At the outset I was probably guilty of assuming that a rebrand was just for show. Luckily I also assumed that we'd need expert help. Charlotte of One Man Band did an amazing job not just with the end product but in guiding us through the process. At our first meeting she asked everyone in the team to describe the project they were most proud of having worked on. I'd never asked people that or been asked it myself. The answers gave a real insight into what motivates us a team and where we think our work has been most transformative.

The same was also true once we got into the nitty-gritty of writing case studies and other copy. In doing so we had to confront big questions about what makes us unique, what we do well and by extension what we need to get better at. Some key themes emerged that hopefully you can see reflected in the end result. I hope that now when people first come across us they quickly realise that despite our technical expertise it's not the software itself that gets us out of bed in the morning but what we can achieve with it.

I'm making two resolutions off the back of this work. First, I'm going to make sure we make more effort to talk openly about our work and our direction as an organisation. In that vein I'm planning to do a quarterly newsletter which you can sign-up for here. Second, I'm going to make a concerted effort to address a few more of those 'luxury' items on my to-do list. I'll be playing Mozart by March.

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